Pavel Pryazhko

Pavel Pryazhko was born in Minsk. He started to write plays in 2004. At first he studied law and then literature. His first play was written in 2004. In September, 2007 at "Lyubimovka" festival young directors competed for the right to put on readings of its texts. In the last season Pryazhko’s play of "Panties" was staged in Moscow and Petersburg. In Moscow it was put on by Elena Nevezhina, in Petersburg by Ivan Vyrypaev, one of the most known Russian playwrights recognized in Europe. Pavel Prjazhko is the winner of many playwriting awards, among which he got the special prize of the jury for the play "Serpantine" at the Second International playwriting contest "Eurasia - 2004" and the second award for his play "Velvet pants" at the First International contest of modern drama "Free theatre - 2005".