Alexey Zhiryakov

Alexei Zhiryakov is a graduate of the Russian Academy of Theatre Art, where he studied directing under the guidance of Leonid Kheifets. Since 2004 Zhiryakov has collaborated with Teatr.doc. He debuted in Moscow at the Teatr.doc with the production of EXHIBITS, the play by Vyacheslav Durnenkov. The production was presented in the frame of the Golden Mask Festival projects Maska Plus and Russian Case. In association with Mikhail Ugarov and Georg Genoux he staged Elena Gremina’s ONE HOUR AND EIGHTEEN MINUTES at the Teatre.doc. In 2011 the production was nominated for the Golden Mask Award.
In 2011 Zhiryakov took a course at the School of Documentary Film and Documentary Theatre led by Marina Razbezhkina and Mikhail Ugarov.