Alisa Panchenko

Alisa Panchenko was born and raised in St. Petersburg. She began to study dancing at the age of 7 in the Kalinka group led by L.Meet, took up contemporary dance at the Kannon Dance school led by Natalia Kasparova, and for a long time danced in the main cast of the Kannon Dance group. She started choreography productions at the age of 14. Her first productions were created for the Young Choreographers Competition (Burghauzen, Germany) (1st and 2nd prizes) (1999, 2000). Alisa Panchenko is the winner and laureate of international competitions for Young Choreographers: Agon (called after Grigorovich) - First Prize in 2007, Alternative (Yacobson Theatre) - Second prize in 2009. Alisa Panchenko graduated from the State Conservatory called after Rimsky-Korsakov as a choreographer (Master G.Kovtun) in 2009. In the same year, Alisa Panchenko had a seven-week probation period at the ADF festival in the United States. Alisa Panchenko participated in the following dance performances as a dancer: Iguan Dance Theatre, Comedy Trust, Krepostnoy Ballet (St. Petersburg), Takako Suzuki (Germany, Japan), Do Teatre (Germany, Russia), Poema Theatre (St. Petersburg). She participated in the True Style performance by the choreographer Christopher Winkler in the framework of the INTRADANCE project of edphysicalproject group (UNIDRAM, Potsdam), Krepostnoy Ballet, Kannon Dance House Project by the choreographer Pedro Gomez (the Netherlands) in the performance Seven. At the moment Alisa Panchenko is a choreographer teacher at the Kannon Dance House School, Academy of Dance school, at the State Music Hall Theatre. Recently, she started working at the Uppsala Circus (a project aimed at social adaptation of children and young people from social risk groups with the help of circus pedagogy) and teaching the techniques of modern dance at the State Conservatory called after Rimsky-Korsakov. In her choreographic works she gives preference to a combination of modern dance, physical, drama theater and improvisation.