Yan Duyvendak

Yan Duyvendak was born in the Netherlands and lives in Geneva. Trained at the Ecole Supérieure d’Art Visuel de Genève, he has worked in contemporary performance and live art since 1995. Since then he has produced a series of works at venues including Fondation Cartier, Paris / EXIT performing arts festival in Helsinki / Art Unlimited Basel / Museo Reina Sofia in Madrid / Ménagerie de verre, Paris / Vooruit, Ghent / Festival d’Avignon / Theaterspektakel, Zurich / TheaterFormen festival, Hannover / CDN de Montreuil / Wiener Festwochen / Foreign Affairs, Berliner Festspielen. His work underlines in particular how the overwhelming mass of televised, computer and mental images as well as our social codes and other rituals of our society thicken the curtain between reality and ourselves. Yet his work never fails to affirm human dignity and show the extent to which it is imperiled by our image-dominated society. His latest creations, "Still in Paradise" (2008, recreation 2016, co-created with Omar Ghayatt), "Please, Continue (Hamlet)" (2011, co-created with Roger Bernat), "Sound of Music" (2015) as well as "Actions" (2017, co-created with Nicolas Cilins and Nataly Sugnaux), are no doubt his most political pieces to date. In 2010 he received the most prestigious Swiss award for contemporary art, the “Meret Oppenheim Preis” and in 2019 the “Hans Reinhart Ring” for theatre.