Roger Bernat

Roger Bernat took courses in painting and architecture. He won the 1996 Institut del Teatre Extraordinary Award. He has worked with Thierry Salmon and Xavier Albertí. Between 1998 and 2001 he directed General Elèctrica together with Tomás Aragay. Some of his shows won Catalan Critics’ Awards. In 2008 he began to create setups in which the audience takes over and becomes centre stage. “Spectators enter a setup that invites them to obey or conspire and, in any case, to pay with their own body and commit themselves wholeheartedly”. His shows include “Public Domain” (2008), “Purely Coincidental” (2009), “The Rite of Spring” (2010), “Please, Continue (Hamlet)” (2011), “Pending Vote” (2012) and “RE–presentation” (2013), “Desplazamiento del Palacio de la Moneda” (2014), “Numax- Fagor-plus” (2014) which have been performed in over twenty countries.