Alexander Artyomov

Alexander Artyomov, theatre director and playwright, is a graduate of the Irkutsk Theatre School. For several years he worked in the Kamchatka Drama and Comedy Theatre. In 2010, jointly with Dmitry Yushkov, he founded the independent theatre TRU in St. Petersburg. Since 2015 Alexander Artyomov has been a director of the Bolshoi Drama Theatre in St. Petersburg. Some of Artyomov`s last works as a director at the Bolshoi Drama Theatre include: Independent projects “Youth Is Alive” (co-authored with Nastasia Khrushchyova) and “How to Find Love. New Comment to The Contemporary Dance” (co-authored with Nastasia Khrushchyova); “One Pound of Meat” (co-authored with Nastasia Khrushchyova and Sergei Illarionov); “That Has Happened to Me” (co-authored with Nastasia Khrushchyova). The production of “The Last Wind of a Wild West” by Alexander Artyomov was nominated for the Golden Mask National Theatre Award in 2019 and “Russian A.A-B-C Book” – for Golden Mask AWARD IN 2020.