Erdeni Zhaltsanov

Erdeni Zhaltsanov graduated from the Leningrad State Institute of Theatre, Music, and Cinematography in 1988 and did his post-graduate studies at the St.Petersburg State Theatre Arts Academy. He taught acting skills at a Buryat studio, at the Department of Puppeteers. Since 2000 he is the leading director of the Buryat Republican Puppet Theatre “Ulger”. He is the author and director of productions “Angara – Daughter of Baikal”, “Song of Winds”, “Legend of the Stars”, “Silver Hooves of Turia”, “Visiting an Old White Man”, “Incredible Adventures of Toys on the New Year Eve”, “Petrushka and his Friend Pushkin” (S.Belov), “Bald Lion’s Birthday” (S.Milligan), “New Adventures of Cipollino” (G.Bashkuev), “Singing Arrow”, “Swan Bird”. In 2009 his production “Under the Eternal Light of Kumalan” is nominated for the National Golden Mask Award in three categories.


Куклы / работа режиссера — «None»,


Куклы / работа режиссера — «UNDER THE ETERNAL LIGHT OF KUMALAN», Puppet Theatre “Ulger”, Ulan-Ude Лауреат
Куклы / работа художника — «UNDER THE ETERNAL LIGHT OF KUMALAN», Puppet Theatre “Ulger”, Ulan-Ude