Edward Albee


TYuZ, Moscow
Award nominations 2016

Драма / спектакль малой формы
работа режиссера (Kama Ginkas)
работа актера ()

Участник программы «Russian Case» Фестиваля 2015 года

Director: Kama Ginkas

Albee's play as directed by Kama Ginkas touches a more-than-acute topic for our times: how those burdened by experience and broken illusions, with China bark in the mouth and carefully concealed hatred to their own selves poison the lives of the young, kill their enthusiasm, faith in themselves, in other people and in the future. How the talentless barren old age, the carrion of the soul’s senile decay lugs away into its emotional death those who still have the ability to feel and comprehed. Kama Ginkas apparently takes modern youth under protection from the destructive force of worldly-wise anility.

Pavel Rudnev

….A deliberately harsh play that was once considered to be a rebellious play about the decay of the American personality turns out to be a play about the cranky Russian eros, capable of taking the most incredible forms. As they say in Russia,”if he loves her, he shoves her”…..
As the atmosphere of antagonism is thickening and the anxiety about the inevitable debunking of the myth about the son is growing, one suddenly catches the resemblance of the characters’ devil’s games with psychopathological games in our present life. In the same way false myths substitute the reality, the atmosphere of fear is thickening, delusion scores the truth and the most close ones destroy each other.

Teatralnaya Afisha

... There is no scenery in their conventional sense; there is a sofa, a table with a couple of chairs and a bar stand. To get to their seats the spectators walk across the performance space, and during the intermission you can easily sit on a chair temporarily left by the character. The director would not flirt with the audience or impose intrusive interaction.But being in the same space with the actors, the audience inevitably gets involved in passionate and sometimes dangerous family games. You seem to be a third-party witness, but the distance is reduced to a minimum The distance is visual and emotional, and it still makes one not only to watch and listen, but also, whether you want it or not, to pull similar situations out of your memory. The seemingly distant American ways of lifeand family problems …. lose their geographical origin and become typical for the humankind.