Andrei Afonin


Участник программы «Russian Case» Фестиваля 2015 года

Director: Andrei Afonin

Set designer: Ksenia Kochubei

Video content: Zrina Kodzaeva, Ksenia Kochubei

The musical and physical performance created by the members of Studio "Krug 2" and their director and teacher Andrei Afonin is a confession about the complicated relationships between people with disabilities and their parents. It is also the first work of the actors on a really big stage.
Shakespeare, Cervantes, Aeschylus, barely perceptible quotes from The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon and hundreds of almost imperceptible ones; excellent job with the video; only live - experimental and folk - music; two acts of piercingly fragile beauty.

Alexei Kiselev

The production is made up of classical quotations, choreography, pantomime, monologues based on personal biographies of actors. Besides, it is made up of absolutely sunny, shining charm of a dozen people who look unusual, move strangely, who find it difficult to talk sometimes.

Leaving aside all prop-words, we can simply say that director Andrei Afonin brings together in his production performers who are considered in today’s society (and not only Russian) as disabled in one way or another. With great attention and accuracy he creates a production which does not, even for a split of a second, turn into a manifestation of people’s handicaps or misfortunes; it is not a show or a circus performance. In this production there is not one tactless moment – towards the public or the performers.