Anton Chekhov


Moscow Art Theatre
Presented in the frame of Russian Case 2019
Director: Konstantin Bogomolov
Age category 18+
A precise and quiet show by Konstantin Bogomolov, frontman of the Russian theatre, on the Main Stage of Moscow Art Theatre is a rare opportunity to hear the text of the canonical play as if for the first time. The characters seem to be placed into the reality of French cinema of the middle of the last century; they are surrounded by ceiling-high screens instead of walls; on these screens we see close-ups. The value of the show seems to be not so much in a time-travelling trick, but more in its aesthetic perfection. It is a rare example of high-class director’s analysis and the evolution of Bogomolov’s method. In addition, this almost static performance is paradoxically funny in some places.

Alexey Kiselyov

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