Directed by Oleg Glushkov


Praktika Theatre and Oleg Kudryashov’s Studio, Moscow
Presented in the frame of Russian Case 2019
Director: Oleg Glushkov
Age category 18+
A crowd of people on a tiny stage engages in a series of random but equally insane acts: Nirvana to the accordion, Schiller in the original, slow-mo dialogues as if from agent Cooper’s dreams. And all this unfolds with an amazing technical precision, as if to a metronome. Director, choreographer and teacher Oleg Glushkov works from time to time on big and high-status stages not only in Moscow, but also in Norway or Australia. But it appears that it is here, with the team of Theatre Academy Students (GITIS, Oleg Kudryashov’s Studio) he feels truly free.

Alexey Kiselyov