Vera Martynov

SOS (The Song of Songs)

Theatre of Nations, New Space, Moscow
Presented in the frame of Russian Case 2019
Directors: Vera Martynov, Alexei Sysoev, Yekaterina Antonenko, Nikita Chumakov
Age category 16+
The telegraph key plays a special role in this stage cantata for 14 singers, 2 readers and percussion. It is used by composer Alexei Sysoev as one of the musical instruments. But SOS here is not only a telegraph distress signal, but also an abbreviation standing for King Solomon’s Song of Songs, one of the three libretto sources. The other two are letters by Ancient Roman writer Pliny the Younger and personal diaries of the authors of the performance. Poetic and love texts are combined with apocalyptical sensations of our contemporaries and impressions of witnesses of catastrophe. SOS is filled with either a presentiment of coming global troubles or their after-taste. And the plea for salvation is just as disquieting as giving hope.

Roman Dolzhansky

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