Russian Institute of Theatre Arts, Yevgeny Kamenkovich and Dmitry Krymov Studio, Moscow
Presented in the frame of Russian Case 2019
Director: Oleg Glushkov
Age category 18+
Do not expect a full-scale Tolstoy narrative from this production by Yevgeny Kamenkovich and Dmitry Krymov’s students. It will be so fast that you might not even notice where Tolstoy features in all of this. Oleg Glushkov – one of Russia’s major choreographers working today and best of the best when it comes to working with actors of drama – steps in. In fact, “War and Peace” is homage to another show by Glushkov – “Hypnos”. But while “Hypnos” is glorified to the utmost and has all the possible nominations for the Golden Mask, “War and Peace” is the underground joy of those who appreciate students’ folly and freedom of non-student level. Surrealistic action with flying and singing pumpkins, multi-handed bodies sticking out from under the stage, with blood and farthingales, with a Polish guy cursing the coffee machine – an absolute dreamlike feast with no narrative and yet – we could say – “understandable without words”, if it weren’t so incomprehensible.

Anastasia Pauker

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