Project of Dmitry Krymov, producer Leonid Roberman and Museum of Moscow, Moscow
Presented in the frame of Russian Case 2020
based on historic Alexander Pushkin`s drama “Boris Godunov”

Director: Dmitry Krymov
Set designer: Anna Grebennikova
“Boris Godunov” in Dmitry Krymov’s interpretation becomes a concert held at a metaphysical community recreational centre, to the accompaniment of a red “Moskva” grand piano.
А series of sketches fill the resonant space of the Museum of Moscow: the lyrical oath of the boyars, a ritualistic inauguration featuring the worship of the tsar predecessors’ tombs, concert rendition of the borsch recipe by Marina Mnishek. There is no direct reference to the main Russian-language drama piece on the nature of power; what is present is a series of grotesque images referring to the play and Russian confused reality.

Anastasia Pauker

“Boris” is Dmitry Krymov’s attempt to unravel the secrets and meanings prophetically laid down by the classic in the plot. Yet, this is not the “Boris Godunov” that Pushkin composed, this is Dmitry Krymov’s clever ironic look at the classics through the prism of these days. Krymov always conquers theatrical heights following uncharted paths that have not yet been beat out by anyone. With all due respect to Pushkin, “Boris” is one more Dmitry Krymov`s hooliganism. But this time even more daring ... more terrible.


Not so much has been left from Krymov’s interpretation of Pushkin’s “Boris Godunov”: only a part of the plot and pieces of the original text. There are many excerpts from other Pushkin`s poems and many author's text. As is always the case with Krymov, if you do not know the original it’s difficult to understand what is happening on the stage. This time we are presented with Krymov`s reinterpretation of one more Pushkin`s work. The original “Boris Godunov” has been noticeably shortened and changed. As both Krymov and Roberman rightly stated, the action has been transferred to the contemporary context.


Although it is called by a buzzword “site-specific”, “Boris” is a very recognizable and personal statement by Dmitry Krymov.
Even before the performance, the audience can visit a kind of exhibition, horse tails, sovereign's coffins (fake), racks with cardboard boxes, there is also a volleyball court, where the boys in nylon jackets are throwing ball. Everything has mixed up - the past and the present, words and their meanings, it is difficult to separate one time from another, everything is not what it seems. The life and death story is stored in cardboard boxes, in cardboard coffins, in fake items that are presented as real, and in the authentic space of the former Provision warehouses.

Teatr Magazine

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