BATRIC ZARKOVIC about Russian Case

BATRIC ZARKOVIC, Managing Director of International Theatre Festival SLAVIJA, Serbia


We watched, among other performances: “The Lower Depths”, Nebolshoi Theatre from St. Petersburg and “Miss Julie”, Omsk Drama Theatre, Omsk. These two performances participated in our International Theatre Festival SLAVIJA 2007 (9-16 March 2007).

Olga Nikiforova from Omsk Drama Theatre invited us to the Rainbow Festival in St. Petersburg, and we were their guests in May 2007.

We met Andrey Moskwin, an expert from Poland, and invited him to be a member of the International Jury in the SLAVIJA Festival (he was in jury in 2007 and 2008).

At PRO TEATR we met Tatiana Bobrova who introduced us to the “Mali” Theatre, from Veliky Novgorod, and the KingsFestival. Later she sent us an invitation, and we were the guests of KingsFestival in April 2007.

In Veliky Novgorod we watched the performance “Educating Rita” by TYUZ, St Petersburg, and invited them to our Festival SLAVIJA 2008 (9-16 March 2008). TYUZ invited us to the “Rainbow” Festival, and we participated in it with the performance of the SLAVIJA Theatre “Jasmin at the Crossroads”, in May 2008.

In Veliky Novgorod we met the producer of the KIJIMUNA Fest, Okinawa, Japan, who invited us to be the guests of his festival in July 2007.


We continued communication with the people we met previous year, made new contacts. We had touching meetings with old friends at PRO TEATR, collected useful material and information. Tried to bring some performances from RC 2007 to SLAVIJA 2008 but did not manage. Only “Educating Rita” from St. Petersburg participated in SLAVIJA 2008.


We invited the performance “Gamblers”, the OKOLO Theatre, Moscow to participate in SLAVIJA 2009, 9-16 March 2009.
Olga Nikiforova invited us to be the guests of the Festival ACADEMIA in Omsk in September 2008. The Festival was opened by the performance of the National Theatre from Belgrade “Cabinet Minister’s Wife” by B. Nushich. (Olga watched this performance when she was the guest of SLAVIJA Festival, in 2007.) The ACADEMIA Festival organizers took us to Bolsherechie, Siberia, and that was the experience of the lifetime.

In Omsk we met the Managing Director of the RED TORCH Theatre, from Novosibirsk, and invited him and his associate to be the guests of SLAVIJA 2009.
Some theatres we met in PRO TEATR 2008 wrote to us, and one of them will also participate in SLAVIJA 2009.

I would like to add that in addition to the Russian Case Program PRO TEATR gives abundant opportunities for establishing contacts and cooperation with the Russian theatres and to follow their activities and progress in one place.