CONSTANT MEIJERS about Russian Case

CONSTANT MEIJERS, the chief-editor of TheaterMaker, the Dutch magazine for the performing arts, Netherlands

Visiting the Russian Case from the beginning, has put me in and kept me aware of the development of contemporary Russian theatre. For me, Russian theatre has a profound importance, dating back to its great writers and theoreticians from the 19th and 20th century. Russian theatre is an integral part of the repertory theatre and the theatre schooling in the Western countries. This means that Russian theatre in its many aspects is an integral part of our theatre discourse, and since a discourse can only brought forward by participating, I appreciate to attend the Russian Case year after year.

As the chief-editor of TheaterMaker, the Dutch magazine for the performing arts, I put a high value in being aware of the various developments in contemporary Russian theatre. I write a yearly report about my visit to the Russian Case, in which I also try to reflect on the development of Russian theatre against the backdrop of the developments in Russian society. Besides, I inform the many Dutch people I meet in our theatre field about my visits, the performances I have seen, and the performances I consider interesting enough to try and bring them to the Dutch audience. Thanks to my visits to the Russian Case, I am also frequently consulted on Russian theatre or, otherwise, asked by Dutch groups to advise them on the possibility of showing their work in Russia. Last but not least, the yearly get-together of an international group of theatre afficionado's in Moscow, has not only brought me interesting contacts and, over the years, warm friendships, but also worthwhile information about the work of the various visitors in their own countries.
So, my conclusion will not come as a surprise: I consider the Russian Case as a very worthwhile and highly rewarding activity and I do hope this activity will continue for the next ten years.