PHILIP ARNOULT about Russian Case

PHILIP ARNOULT, Director of the Center for International Theatre Development (C. I. T. D.), USA

The Kama Ginkas introduction to the US was a direct result of Golden Mask. Rob Orchard, managing director of American Repertory Theatre, saw his works in the context of the Festival, leading to the American Repertory Theatre projects (and later, Ginkas was at the Guthrie Theatre in Minneapolis and the Yale Repertory Theatre). Melanie Joseph, a CITD member, saw KI from Crime during a Golden Mask visit, and brought the production to New York City.

The long-term contemporary dance exchange in East Africa had its roots in a Russian/East African residency built around the GM in 2002. Working with Eduard Boyakov who was then director of the GM Festival, we initiated an exchange that lasted for five years, with substantial funding from the Ford Foundation’s Moscow and Nairobi offices.
A current activity of CITD, around a translation project of contemporary plays got its genesis at early exposure to the Presnyakov's, etc at GM. The Terrorism NY production grew out of the founding producer of The Play Company Kate Loewald's visit to GM.

Dmitry Krymov has been firmly established in the US as a director to watch. Recently the US magazine American Theatre responded to the US interest with a substantial piece on Krymov and his work.

Jim O'Quinn, the editor-in-chief of American Theatre, has also visited the festival with CITD and written a long feature for his magazine.

American playwright Kate Moira Ryan has made multiple visits to GM, and has a cycle of Russian inspired plays, including OTMA, that received productions in New York and Yekaterinburg.

During the Spring 09, CITD will be bringing its 10the delegation to Golden Mask. Our funder, The Trust for Mutual Understanding in New York recognizes the importance and usefulness of your offerings.

Finally, the long threads of relationships engendered and developed by RC/GM continue to evolve. I think we will see projects and exchanges in the next ten years that will have grown out of your work these past ten years.