Sir Vantes


The School of Dramatic Art, Moscow
Director Dmitry Krymov

“Donky Khot” by Dmitry Krymov is a production of the artist who decided to bring to life the visual images crowding in his head. One can see here a reference to Tadeusz Kantor whose dramatic exercises originated from reminiscences of his childhood. In the case of Krymov they originate from his nostalgia for the world culture. The title of the production and the name of the main character – Donky Khot – is a word-play with Don Quixote by Cervantes. There are a lot of cultural reminiscences in Krymov’s production. They are transformed by imagination, very similar to a child’s fantasies. Until recently Dmitry Krymov had been known as a scenographer - and the son of the outstanding Russian theatre director Anatoly Efros. Now he has emerged as a creator of an amazing theatre in which the reality is as changeable as the reality in animated cartoons where drawn images may come alive and the people resemble puppets.

Photos © Mikhail Guterman, Evgeniy Franov