Theatre Project “Apparatus”, Moscow
Contemporary dance

Choreographer Alexander Pepelyaev

Alpha-Seagull is an attempt to merge dance with multimedia technology. Alexander Pepelyaev, a well-known choreographer and a supporter of contemporary dance, thinks that his production is not just a dance version of Chekhov’s play, but a manifesto of sorts, a manifesto of contemporary Russian dance theatre. Alpha is the common indication for a transparent layer. Why do we need it – in order to see what is inside the play. Inside there are different things and phenomena – light, time, Hamlet, the Eiffel Tower, a permanent theatre crisis and a peculiar device, a little Chinese house to contemplate the Moon, which can be seen above the lake, around which Nina Zarechnaya flies… At times Pepelyaev’s Chekhov resembles Beckett, at other times he is like a post-modernists with derisive verses. Even more so, as the role of the author is performed alternately by well-known people of Moscow’s literary world – German Vinogradov and Dmitri Prigov.

In Alpha-Seagull Pepelyaev wants to “destroy the border between bodily movement and interactive computer garbage”.

Anna Gordeeva, TimeOut

In Chekhov’s play Pepelyaev found “light, time, Hamlet, the Eiffel Tower, a permanent theatre crisis, a Chinese ‘house for moon-watching’ where one can see the moon above the lake and where Nina Zarechnaya flies around”…

The poet Dmitry Prigov did his bit for the creation of the show – he won’t dance, but he will certainly read some of his texts.