Dialogue Dance, Kostroma
Award nominations 2011

Современный танец / спектакль
работа балетмейстера-хореографа ()
Choreographer: Karine Ponties

The name of the performance "Mirliflor by the Kostroma "Dialogue Dance" produced by Karin Pontes from Belgium is translated from Latin as " the fragrance of a thousand flowers". Probably, this fragrance is connected with the atmosphere of a communal kitchen, or some other musty close microcosm. The spectators are invited to watch a strange experiment: there are two men and two women, a table, a chair and a tightly enclosed space. It is clear that such a state of things makes it necessary for the characters to enter into different kind of relationships. It is impossible to predict the outcome of the experiment in advance, but it is extremely interesting to follow the process. But one thing is already clear – the four people will leave that space as different personalities. The quartet of dancers displays a brilliant mastery of ensemble play techniques, surprises by their ability to "skin" feel each other.