based on the novel “Accursed and Killed” by Viktor Astafiev


Altai Youth Theatre, Barnaul
Участник программы «Маска Плюс» Фестиваля 2011 года
Director: Dmitry Egorov, Irina Tkachenko

Most characters of the frightening, burning novel by Victor Astafiev "Damned and killed» about the boys to be drafted in 1942 and those never destined to become their wives, are played by very young performers. At the moment when the production was conceived and implemented, they were still students at the Alai Academy of Art and Culture. And later they were lucky to join the Altai Youth theater company at full strength, as its artistic director (and course master at the same time), Valeri Zolotukhin, in the entire history of the "increment", one should think, kept in mind the happy birth experience of Lubimov's Taganka theatre that he had once gone through personally. As a result "Farewell of Slavianka" managed to incorporate all the best that can be in a student performance - the ability of unspent breathing in unison, and captivating "collective responsibility", furious drive and a sea of young charm. These optimistic properties of the performance do not contradict or supersede the tragic sounding of late Astaviev's prose, but, on the contrary, set it off beneficially and correctly, make a complex alchemical compound with it. And what is happening on stage, without any exaggeration .can be called civic, journalistic, passionate art.