Yaroslava Pulinovich


Meyerhold Centre, Moscow
Участник программы «Новая пьеса» Фестиваля 2011 года
Director: Shamil Dyikanbaeb

Yaroslava Pulinovich is a new name in modern Russian drama but it is already on everyone’s lips. Pulinovich fearlessly looks into the eyes of today’s world; she happily accepts it in all its representations, both the best and the worst ones. A great vital force is revealed in all her characters, and this lust for full life makes them heroes.

The text of Natasha’s Dream is like a bundle of up-to-date constructive and destructive life. The young Kyrgyz director Shamil Dyikanbaeb seems to button up a spectator in a small empty room and leaves him / her alone with the actress Elena Gorina who nearly becomes a part of Pulinovich’s text. An angular, round-shouldered girl with small, mouse features and slender hands, sticking out of the dimensionless sweater, the character gradually turns into a small predatory animal, aggressive and scary. Being lonely and lost, this girl-child dreams of love but this dream threatens self-destruction, and then an innocent creature comes a witch, a relentless fury. Simple words about love become a dangerous spell.

The young director and the young actress with the use of minimal external means and no set design at all achieve the highest level of emotional concentration, so that the viewer is physically pressed down with someone else's misfortune which he or she cannot prevent.

Roman Doljansky