Anna Baturina


Kolyada-Theatre, Yekaterinburg
Award nominations 2011

Драма / спектакль малой формы
работа режиссера ()
Director: Nikolai Kolyada

The martial novel by a young playwright Anna Baturina, by the way, received the prestigious "Debut" award for novice authors in 2009. The heroine is a beauty with a ballet bearing, stuck in the rear because of typhoid, the hero of her romance is a simple soldier, who promised to come back. They will really meet over the years, but the soldier will come home with a young pregnant fiancée. The war veteran's girl will try to seek oblivion in work at the local recreation center, and her "former's" (ex's) family life will never come to normal. One fateful evening he will find himself in a modest barracks room of the heroine and the next morning, will stab her with a knife having believed her tales of a contagious disease. In the performance of Nikolay Kolyada the melodrama on the search for female happiness is played to the dance steps at an imaginary ballet stand (the heroine teaches girls classic dancing) and cordial songs. At the end, the war veteran's girl having by miracle narrowly escaped death, goes to the Far East in a freight car – and not in search of happiness, but just to the end of the earth.