Sasha Denisova


Teatr.doc, Moscow
Award nominations 2012

Эксперимент / спектакль

Участник программы «Новая пьеса» Фестиваля 2011 года
Director Yury Muravitsky

It is an original documentary performance in a documentary theater. Janis Joplin returns from San Francisco to Port Arthur, she suffers from abstinence, and her mother says: "Now let's pickle cucumbers". Jimi Hendrix tells how his Tashkent rock band played in the school gym for the bandits. A policeman tries Morrison — why he showed his naked backside to the audience, and he answers using the words from the Soviet animated film about Prometheus: "I wanted to help people!" LIGHT MY FIRE is not the biopic of the 3J generation, as it might seem at first sight, but the generation of the 30-year old Russian actors having suddenly discovered that a team can exist not only in rock and roll, but also in the theatre. They are six, and they get in the shoes of rock idols in order to speak about themselves, they bring their own experience – from life and theatre, their childhood and adulthood - into the biographies of the rock stars. The performance was born right on stage in actor improvisations guided by director Yuri Muravtsky and playwright Sasha Denisova. It swept away all the taboos for years cultivated by Teatr.doc: the taboo on music, costumes, video and any kind of theatricality. There is nothing to be added, as it could happen only in a theatre, aiming at search and establishing taboos in the hope that there will be someone to break them.

Elena Kovalskaya

The actors of the new Teatr.doc project have done an unusually clever thing: they haven't just taken the long ago "canonized" American rock culture personalities of sixties as allies, but also themselves, having survived the Soviet school childhood, the more or less stormy youth with light drugs and de facto marriages, reaching the first maturity and first doubts ... "Light my fire", a loan translation from Morrison's Light My Fire of 1966, has become a collective confession of the six actors to their phobias, frustrations, passions, dreams, and no matter how pathetic it sounds, their ineradicable love for his profession.

Nezavisimaya Gazeta

What is this performance made of? Life at home and outside, escape and return, rock music and theatre, love and fear, the feeling of being professionally lost, humility and pain, hatred and attempt to escape in a close circle.
The performance is based on the cult rock music personalities of the twentieth century, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison. Limited personal efforts and creative strategies, seeping through their music, have brewed the artistic "broth" for Denisova's theatrical composition.

Rossiyskaya Gazeta