Pushkin Theatre, Small Stage
Directed by Sergei Zemlyansky

The name of the Kyrgyz-Soviet author Chingiz Aitmatov resounded at the time of Perestroika with his novel The Scaffold (Plaha), an accurate picture of the cruel, inhuman and anti-ecological world of the 1980s. Aitmatov, a vehement pacifist, is intolerant of violence and destruction either in nature or family. In MOTHER EARTH , war takes all of the men, one by one, from a big beautiful family where the women have unfortunately given birth to so many boys. So the natural circle of life is broken and the matriarch of the family, old before her time, starts rocking her little grandson to sleep - the last of the family, the only hope. This producton by the choreographer Sergei Zemlyansky, is the result of adapting contemporary dance requirements to the abilities of the performers, half of them being drama actors. A functional and expressive set design here serve as a convenient tool for artists who jump from high wooden tables and easily move onto sliding benches. A symbolic and simple story is told without words, by a succinct and expressive language of movement, all of which follows the Russian tradition of taking everything to heart, and depicting an entire fate through a laconic gesture.

Kristina Matvienko

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